FloridaOJ "How To"

for Program Chairs

The purpose of this document is to provide/capture knowledge related to the use of Florida OJ’s publication site for FLAIRS.


General Comments:

  1. Florida OJ’s site becomes the publication of record for each paper. This means that:

    1. The metadata must be correct. This includes:

      • Author order

      • Author names/spelling, etc

      • Author affiliation

    2. Remind folks “As you submit your camera ready version to Florida OJ, it is imperative that you ensure all metadata is correct. This includes the full names, affiliations, and order of all authors.”

  2. Florida OJ’s backend system is set up such that it would support the full process of submitting, reviewing, prepublication editing, and then publication. As FLAIRS only uses the system for submission of camera ready versions of publications, the overall workflow can be customized to enable the following three steps:

    1. Author submits a file, named “FLAIRS Submission ##.pdf” where ## correlates to the EasyChair paper number for the accepted submission.

    2. Conference chair, or delegate thereof reviews the submission to check for format, length, etc. If approved, the conference chair should be able to accept the paper, keying it up for publication.

    3. The staged publication can be viewed and verified, prior to full live publication, which will traditionally take place on the Friday before the conference.

***While I know this is possible, I haven’t figured out how to rework the workflow functionality to get this right. In particular, I’d like to modify how files move from stage to stage. Currently, I had to download and reupload every paper at one step in the process. That may be my lack of knowledge, but I’d like to automate as much as possible, so that publication basically becomes a verification by a chair, and then schedule for publication. ***

Suggestion: For FLAIRS posters, the pdfs should in theory also be eligible to be hosted on Florida OJ. I would suggest we consider adding posters as PDFs in future proceedings if approved by the powers that be for FLAIRS

Notes for the future Florida OJ Coordinator for FLAIRS

To login, you have to go to the top right and click login

Enter your credentials:

Once you login, the top right will show your login name and the number of messages you have waiting

Click on your username, and select Dashboard

That will load a page like this:

Click on the down arrow next to each submission, and select ‘View submission’

That will open a page like this:

You should click on and review the file. Check it for length and format. Make sure you mark off the submission number however you are tracking all accepted papers. In this example, it’s paper 210 in EasyChair. (We know this from the name)

Select send to review

Select send to Review

This stage helps provide a reviewing process. However, FLAIRS does reviews in EasyChair. Click Accept Submission.

Select do not send an email notification and then click next.

Select the paper uploaded on the next screen and select ‘Record Editorial Decision’

That will open the next step in the workflow. This is called ‘Copyediting’

There should be a file under draft files. If not, you’ve missed something, and you can most easily fix it by uploading the submission’s PDF.

Click ‘Do not send an email notification’ and click ‘Next’

Select the draft file and click ‘Record editorial decision’

Now you must download the file

**** I don’t know why this is****

Then, Select ‘Add Galley’

Name the ‘Galley’ “PDF”

Upload the file and then click ‘Continue’

Click complete

This will take you back to the main screen. On the right, click schedule for publication

Click on the dropdown at the top to select a future issue ‘FLAIRS-##’

Click save.

That’s it- you’ve got it all staged and scheduled!


You can preview the future issue by selecting Issues, ‘Future Issues’ on the left hand navigation pane.