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Zooming into a FLAIRS Conference!

FLAIRS presentations are displayed via Zoom. At the venue there is a computer in each session room (and at the reception - the reception computer is in the main Zoom room, showing what's going on in the reception area). There is a Zoom breakout room for each of the parallel sessions, in which presenters give their talks. The computers in the session rooms project the presenter's shared Zoom screen onto a big screen for attendees to watch. Presenters stand/sit at the front of the session room with their own laptop so that attendees can see and hear the presentation in the normal way, and the remote audience can watch the presentation too. Note that presenters do not have to connect their laptop to the projector - all that happens through Zoom, so there are none the "my computer can't connect to the projector" issues!

In order to give a presentation at the conference, or watch the talks remotely, you have to register to attend the Zoom meeting. You are then provided with a unique link for joining the Zoom meeting (no passcode required). Please use your full name in the Zoom registration (no funky screen names).

Below are checklists for the various categories of attendees; several might apply to you. Read carefully, and get ready to enjoy FLAIRS!

If at any stage you are having difficulties connecting to the conference through Zoom, please contact the AV organizer: 

Checklist for Paper Presenters

Checklist for Poster Presenters

Checklist for Audience

Checklist for Session Chairs

Checklist for AV Organizer